Top 5 Tips for Playing the Game MasterWord

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Some human skills can only be improved by practicing and our memory is one such skill. Playing word games is fun and it helps you keep your memory sharp. We have put together top 5 tips for playing MasterWord game.

Here Are Our Top 5 Tips

  1. 4-letter word list: Your vocabulary may be weak and you might not know what words to guess. Search for a list of commonly used four-letter words. You will need to refer to the list for you to play your best with the game. The Letter Checker is not just for show, it has a use. When you start guessing, you will make use of the tool to eliminate unwanted letters and narrow down your guessed word.
  2. Ruling out the odds: Once you have taken a couple of guesses, you would have already eliminated a lot of letters. Ruling out the odds helps you narrow down on the letter combinations. Use a combination of letters that you are sure to contain double letters or letters that are still have yet to be eliminated. Doing so will help you find out other letters that you can be certain of. For example: If the word to be guessed is SITE

    From initial combinations, you already know E is your last letter and the letter L is not there in the word. Then use the word LESS, the double S will help you either eliminate or get another letter for sure. In this case, S is there in the answer. By doing this, you can use double letter words to your benefit.Keep your head up and be patient
  3. Be patient: “Keep your head up and be patient”  Don’t be in a hurry! Yes, patience is one of the essential keys to learning how to play and perfect the game.
  4. Observe and take notes: Record your every move and every thought. Everything is much clearer when you take down notes. Apart from using your on screen Letter Checker, make a note of the letters that you are sure of and their placements. For example: You know that the last letter is E, make a note of it ( _ _ _ E ) and see the list of 4-letter words to find the ones ending with E.

Over to you

Now that we have taken a look at some tips, it’s now your turn to try them out. If you like playing word games as a hobby, you will find your own ways on how you can optimize your game. Obviously, each player is unique in his own way and has his own methods of problem solving.