Top 5 Addicting Games Like MasterWord to Play on Your Phone

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The best part about playing word games is that they are easy to play and almost anyone can enjoy them. From children, teenagers, and adults, there is something for everyone. Many people would say that they play games to pass time but playing word games actually have benefits for your brain.  They activate the different parts of the brain, improve your knowledge, and increase your IQ level amongst other benefits. The article is about other games like MasterWord.

Here Are the Top 5 Games That Are Like MasterWord:

  1. Words with Friends: One very popular game that many people are enjoying on their phone is Words with Friends. This is a multiplayer game where you can invite a friend on Facebook to play with you or you can play with an allotted opponent online. It is similar to a scramble game where two people take turns to solve a puzzle board by placing letters on the board. A set of jumbled letters are provided to you and you will take turns with your friend to create a word on the puzzle board.
  2. Bookworm: Bookworm is a free game available for download from the App store. It is a game that gives you scrambled up letters, you have to find different words from them. The game has continuous leveling up features that keep things exciting. In the gameplay, you either have the option of playing in the classic mode or the arcade mode. Watch out for burning letters, they have to be used fast to create a word or they can ruin your entire game. Bigger words fetch you more points as compared to smaller words.
    Heads Up
  3. Heads Up: Are you having a house party at your home and you’re looking for a fun game to play with your friends? Heads up is one such game that’s sure to make your night awesome. You will get a card on the phone with a name and timer below it. Your job is to place the phone on your head with the card facing your friends. Your friends will give you clues and what you need to do is to guess the right name on the card within the given time limit.
  4. Scramble: If you are looking for a fun and fast game to play on your phone, then download Scramble. In this game, you need to find as many words as possible from the grid of mixed up letters from different words within a given amount of time.
  5. Wordament: Finally, you can try a game called Wordament which is different from the other games we have discussed thus far. This game is competitive and you will have a worldwide rank that’s based either on the performance of the longest word you have found or your best timing, among other rankings.

Now that you have a list of awesome games to try, go ahead, download them and have fun.